Wednesday, July 8, 2009

XML Gateway: Best Practices, Requirements and deployment Strategies

XML Gateways are a great IT component for managing information flow between your enterprise and your trading partners.  They provide the required functionality, such as:
  • Identity bridging (e.g., from HTTP Basic Auth to SAML)
  • Transport mediation (e.g., between HTTP and MQ Series)
  • Protocol and content based security (e.g., HTTPS, WS-Signatures, WS-Encryption)
  • Message inspection (e.g., for SQL Injection, Viruses, and other malware)
  • Interface Virtualization
  • Transformation, Schema Validation
Such functions make is easy and cost effective for enterprises to integrate with their trading partners is a secure manner.  Here's a good article for best practices using XML-Gateways.

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